3D Stamp
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'3D Stamp' features

Powerful multi-catalogue export / import functions.
'My stamps' report with auto-calculated prices for all stamp types.
'All countries' report.
Export / import functions for reports.
Powerful 2D and 3D Display of stamp images.
Resizeable and moveable images.
Full screen display.
Background image.
Unlimited number of entries.
No data length restriction.
You can visually see which sets you have and which don't.
Auto calculated set price.
Thumbnail viewer with filtering options.
Want list.
Various image tools.
Auto separate tool.
Stamp recognition tool (still beta version).
Conversion to alt catalogue numbering system using cross reference file.
Localization option.
Prices in every currency.
Year price list.
No opening and closing databases, everything is just one click away.
You need 1 second to switch from one to another country.
Adding new images and data is simple.