3D Stamp
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'3D Stamp' Main features

Easy to use
True visual catalogue
All stamps in the set are shown
Powerful display options
Easy adding of new data
No data length restriction
Thumbnail viewer
Auto separation of images
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About '3D Stamp'

'3D Stamp' is the software for tracking the stamp collection. '3D Stamp' offers you features that you will not find in any other philatelic software. It is set based, and allows you to see the full set in the image display window, while in other software, you can see only one stamp at a time. Also, the '3D Stamp' calculates the SET PRICE automatically, with or without varieties, which is very useful for large sets. The variety management is something you won't see elsewhere. Thumbnail viewer is not a simple viewer, it allows you to search for stamps with given colour, year of issue or denomination. One of the most important features of '3D Stamp' is that the data is sorted the way YOU want, not by some index that you need to reindex every week. Download the demo, and see for yourself.

News - April 7th, 2010

- Huge database update!
- All new worldwide issues added with images.
- New worldwide issues are listed up to the end of the 2009.

News - June 7th, 2009

- New version (1.09) is out!
- Only internal changes, some parts rewritten.
- Download new version
- You can safely uninstall previous version and install new.
- Download only EXE file if you do not want to uninstall/install

News - November 23rd, 2007

- New version (1.08) is out!
- A lot of reports added ('My stamps' report, all countries report).
- 'My stamps' list export / import (Excel, HTML, TXT/CSV)
- Database import / export functions added (Excel).
- Auto - calculation of prices for all stamp types (used in reports).
- Search catalogue number function added (ALT-S).
- Thumbnail viewer completely rewritten.
- Export to subtype corrected.
- Added new price types (FDC, On cover, Plate block, Sheet, CTO, Specimen, Tab).
- Few other bugs fixed.
- New screenshots added in the 'Screenshots' section.

News - December 4th, 2006

- Demo version fixed.
- Next version will include 'My collection' report.
- A lot of keyboard shortcuts will be added in the next version.
- I'm also working on topical stamps feature. Imagine this: You type 'Train', and all world train stamps are in the new 'Train stamps' list sorted by year/country.
- Just to remind you, all future '3D Stamp' software updates are free for buyers, so you don't have to worry if some option you need is not yet implemented, it will be.

News - August 20th, 2006

- Version 1.06 is out!
- Demo version fixed. Download the demo version again to see '3D Stamp' features.
- Filter is now case insensitive.
- Other catalogues section rewritten. Now you can easily convert the data to any catalogue. Cross reference text files supported.
- Image rotation rewritten. It's usable now.
- Few small bugs fixed.